LED Canopy Light

LED Canopy Light in China

Kingusn LED Canopy Light Project in Dongguan China on November.2009.

How to Create a stunning and dynamic petrol station or house ceiling easily?With Kingsun’s new product,LED Petrol Station Light!!!The shining LED star:high energy saving,super bright LEDs,perfect cool appearance.

Why high energy saving?At least 0.95 power factor,More than 90% power effiency.Why super bright LEDS?90%luminaire efficiency,50000hours lifespan.Why perfect cool appearance?Physical structure composed of white power coated steel fixture housing with a molded ABS anti UV treated diffusing cover. Futhermore,great heat dissipation system,water resistant design on the backside and available as kinds of simple installation,ceilling monted,recessed monted,connencted with arm branch,As you are feeling,Kingsun—the great choice,kingsun’s LED Pertol Station Light—the simply best.

Kingsun Optoelectronic Change your perspective!

The LED Canopy Lights using in this Project:

KS-8201/084T3 cost 100 W for the whole system,84W for LED chips.And it can create 7560lm for the lamp, if you want more information about this product, please LED Canopy Lights

LED Canopy Light

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