LED lighting grabs furniture market

To LED lighting enterprises, market prospect of commercial lighting has been widely recognized in the industry. Among all channels, furniture lighting is identified as promising market segmentation with clothing market, jewelry market and supermarket tighter.

Since traditional lighting enterprises have obvious advantages in channel building, many small and medium size LED enterprises face difficulties to enter into traditional circulation channels. Under such circumstances, enterprises have to find other easier channels. In addition to market demands, light quality and lighting solution also are the important factors, exactly LED lamp meets market demand with its advantages such as intelligent and color diversity.

  Reasonable light design can affect furniture store sales, hereby lamp choice is crucial. It’s known that brand furniture stores adopt low-efficiency grille lamp with incandescence light source and halogen lamp as main lighting. Compared to halogen lamp, LED lamp lifespan is longer and energy saving effect is more obvious, also can save energy 80%.

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