Kingsun Responsibility

Energy Saving Environment Protection

Eight World Scenic spots will disappear due to global warming: Maldives, the Alps glacier, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Venice, Amazon Rainforest etc, these famous scenic spots will disappear from the earth. Also even Shanghai will submergence by sea water. This is our human destiny to face, not the fictive cinemascope of 《2012》

The whole world warms up and the humanity lives face the challenge. On Dec.18th, 2009, the leaders from 192 countries attended the summit meeting in Copenhagen of Denmark. It proposed that reduce carbon emission through the approval of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Since then, reduce carbon emission become the responsibility and duty to the government and people in the world. Low carbon living brings us human being hope and ideal.

Kingsun---Low carbon Pioneer

Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd is a leading company in Manufacturing the LED Lights and LED Street Lights products for more than 16 years. Kingsun LED Light products include: the LED Light, LED Street Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Flood Light, LED Tube Light and LED High Bay Light.

As the expert in green illumination, Kingsun has been innovating the lighting techniques, continuing the green energy tradition, providing the high quality and effective energy saving LED illuminations for China and all over the world. She tries her best to achieve low carbon reduction vigorously that manifests the brand enterprise's social responsibilities and the strategic judgment. Kingsun becomes a low-carbon pioneer in the LED illumination.

Product Introduction

Kingsun LED products not only with many advantages of low-voltage, low energy comsuption, strong applicability, high stability, flicker free starting, non-pollution, long lifetime (ruggedized under working on up to 10,000 hours almost without maintenance) etc, also are made of innoxious material.  It isn’t like fluorescent lamp contained mercury which can cause the pollution, and LED also can recycle.

Use the efficient energy saving lighting product when in daily life, especially Kingsun LED products which save energy above 60% can reduce carbon emission effective. Not only improves the enviroment surround us, also affects the south and north poles of the world.

Kingsun Facility

When the low-carbon life becomes the public insurmountable living rules, Kingsun enters the low-carbon living condition based energy-saving and emission reduction on the principle. From saving a drop of water, one kilowatt-hour, a piece of paper to start action all-around by the low-carbon living stardard.