Enterprise History


★Aug.2007 Kingsun Group successfully passed the strict examination of membership meeting, and was officially approved as a membership unit of “The Working Group of LED Technology Standard”.

★Jul. 2007 The company passed the examination of "Provincial Hi-tech Enterprise" in 2007.

★May 2007 The Group set up Liaobu Branch with a plant area of over 60,000 sqm, which is mainly used for the expansion of furnace department and mold department.

★May 2007 Kingsun (Hongkong) Branch was relocated to Hunghom Commerce Center in Kowloon District.

★Apr.2007 Kingsun Group established cooperative relation with Tsinghua University on LED lighting technology development and application.

★Mar.2007 The company set up the Preparatory Working Group on Listing, and experts on listing was commissioned by the municipal government to station in Kingsun Group for guidance during the preparation period.

★Mar.2007 The company set up a branch in Canada, which further strengthened cooperation with the North American clients.

★Mar.2007 The company officially set up the packaging plant of LED lights, which further extended the photoelectric industrial chain based on the original lighting products.


★Sep.8, 2006 A group headed by Leng Xiaoming,Vice Mayor of Dongguan Municipal Government paid a visit to our company.

★Jul.2006 The new plant in Hengli town with an area of 130,000 sqm was completed and put into production.

★Feb.2006 The company set up Electric Wires & Cables Dept., Molds Dept., Injection Molding Dept., and Metal Pipes Dept.


★Aug.2004 The first LED street light was invented.

★Oct.2004 The company set up KINGTOP Lighting Construction Company, and the range of decorative light projects further expanded.

★Oct.2003 The company was selected as “Guangdong Provincial Hi-Tech Private Enterprise”

★2003 The company was awarded as “Guangdong Provincial Hi-Tech Private Enterprise”

★2002 Hongkong Branch expanded with an office area of about 7,000 square feet./p>

★Nov.2001 The ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System was successfully upgraded.

★2001 The Domestic Lights Dept. was set up to develop colorful lights series products.

★2001 The electric wire plant was expanded and completed in 2002 with a significant increase in the output capacity and quality of electric wires and cables.

★2000 The company developed toward the neighboring industries of the main products by establishing electric wires & cables plant and increase the output of electric wires and cables, and PVC plastic.

★Oct.1999 Kingsun Lights Engineering Co., Ltd was founded and the domestic lighting business further expanded.

★1999 The company invested in building new factories with more than 30,000 sqm of supporting facilities like workshops and dormitories.

★Aug.1998 The company adjusted the product mix toward the direction of the relevant industries of the dominant products, established Kingsun Special Steel Materials Co., Ltd with a plant area of 20,000 sqm..

★1998 The company passed the certification of the ISO9001 Quality Management System

★1997 North America Branch and Kingsun Trade Co., Ltd were established to develop the domestic market

★1996 The company invested in constructing new Kingsun Industrial Zone with a construction area of over 30,000 sqm. It was continuously expanded and there is now a plant area of 100,000 sqm in the headquarter and branches.

★1996 “Decorative Lights” obtained invention patent in the United States, which brought forth a revolution in the lighting industry, became the mainstream of the outdoor decorative lights and led to the high-speed development of the Group.

★1995 The company accelerated the pace of internationalization and smoothly entered the sales network of Europe and the United States.

★1994 Kingsun Group established hardware factory, decorative lights factory, standard parts factory, and Hongkong branch which developed rapidly.

★1993 Kingsun Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded.