Street Light Application Requirements will Dominate High-power LED MarketS

It’s predicted by NPD Display Search that CAGR of high-power LED shipments shall reach up to 13% from 2014 to 2017, such as street light, direct type backlight, spot light and other high luminance application equipments. Meanwhile, high-power LED demand will increase to 27 billion in 2017 compared to 18.5 billion in 2014. By 2014, high-power LRF will occupy 28% of total LED shipments in street lighting, followed by TV backlight and spotlight. 
Analyst expressed that, “Though high-power LED price is higher than small & middle power LED, in street light cost structure, LED light source only occupies a small part of street light total cost. To achieve high reliability and performance, many manufactures adopt reliable high-power LED to promote LED shipments. Furthermore, with energy cost increasing, high luminance lighting requirements will sustainable growth. 
To improve thermal conductivity, high-power LED adopts ceramic substrate to replace original PPA material, and glass instead of silicone packaging to avoid the influence of humidity on LED. What’s more important is management to heat, since it can affect product reliability. 

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