LED Canopy Light

LED Canopy Light in Chille

Kingsun LED Canopy Light Project in Santiago, Chile on Sept , 2010

In this project, Copec use our gas station light ---BY1A1084(95w,8460lm), LED recessed canopy light to replace 250w metal halide fixtures.Copec achieved at least 60% energy savings. It is not only saving the energy,but also saving the money.

Additional benefits beyond the visible improvement of light output include cost-savings associated with nearly no maintenance from long-life LED performance and eco-friendly elimination of hazardous mercury disposal found in traditional light sources like metal halide fixtures.

The security always comes to the first consideration when the lamps are used in the pertrol station , this collection LED canopy light absolutely reach the gas station requirement a lot, as it is anti-vibrate and anti-explosive!

Kingsun LED Light and LED Canopy Lighting products combines all LED light features together, like: Economical, Green, Long Life and Environmentally Friendly. Applied with the Best LED Light Source-Cree LED, it attains over 90 lm illumination efficiency, accelerated by Professional Unique Optical Lens. The Kingsun LED Lights and LED Canopy Lighting Products can be wildly applied in petrol station,canopy,airport,supermarket,train station,lobby,industry,shopping mall and indoor parking!

The gas station Lights using in this gas station Light Retrofit Light Project:

Kingsun LED Canopy Light ks-8202/084T3 cost 95 W and can create 8460 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please LED Canopy Lights

LED Canopy Light in Chile

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