The output value of Guangdong province break through120 billion

The Summit Forum of Guangdong LED industry Development has been hold in Guangzhou recently. It’s known that Guangdong province has broken through core technology research and application demonstration, aiming to promote LED rapid development. The output value of first half year has reached up to 120 billion. In the first half year, Guangdong LED patent applications are over 40,000 pieces, accounting for a quarter of patent application amount.

Wu Ling, secretary general of national LED engineering research and industry alliance, proposed that China LED industry development should focus on Guangdong. According to report, in the first half year of 2013, Guangdong LED industry foreign trade export has a very strong momentum, and value of exports reach 54.089 billion yuan. Besides, up to the end of June, 2013, Guangdong LED patent applications sum to 43787 pieces, accounting for 26% of national total quantity. In regard to whether LED industry is over capacity, she thought, LED applications in China and worldwide are in germination stage, but industry will maintained a sound momentum in recent years.

The person in charge of Guangdong Science and Technology Agency introduced, Guangdong led lighting promotion is effective for the past few years. Since from starting LED lighting demonstration project in 2008, it’s calculated that LED Street Lights applications are more than 800,000pcs, indoor lights are more than 2.1 million. During the process, the ability of enterprises core technology research and development is increasing.


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