Kingsun Received Extensive Attention at the “2012 China International Science and Technology Cooperation Week”

Extensive attention in <a href='' target='_blank'><u>LED industry</u></a>

The grand opening of “2012 China international science and technology cooperation week and talented recruitment conference”was held from 1st to 4th , Nov.. Kingsun, appeared as the leading enterprise in domestic led lighting industry, attracted extensive concern with the latest LED lighting products /technologies, business mode and professional comprehensive application solution.
As far as we know, the Science and Technology Cooperation Week has been successfully held for 8 times. This year is said to be with larger scale, higher specification and more diverse exhibits. Among which, LED industry has played an important role occupying almost half of the whole 10,000 sqm booth. Government procurement meeting will be conducted during the cooperation week, inviting local governments and enterprise procurement professionals, aimed at increasing influence of Dongguan led industry, grabbing more market share and speeding up industry development. In this case, Kingsun will definitely keep on leading the whole LED industry development.  

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