Kingsun won the bid of 12.56 million projects to seize market share

Recently, Kingsun announced won the bid of Zhengzhou rail transit lamps procurement project, Changping town LED street light retrofit project and Nancheng district LED Street Light Retrofit Project, total amount reaches up to 12.56 million.

With LED market expanding and increasing demand of small and medium projects, gross profit level is uneven, as well as causing fierce industrial competition. Kingsun expressed that the bidding can expand domestic market share in led lighting industry, also strengthen Kingsun optoelectronic brand influence and leading position. Based on original channel, Kingsun will set new network channels. On Oct 19th, the largest brand flagship shop settled in Zhongshan town, which business area is about 1600 square meters.

So far, Kingsun has set up branch offices nationwide, besides, develop and establish 20 incubation factories, more than 300 agents. It’s the critical period to found global network channels from 2013 to 2015, which also increase sales and administration expenses.

Regarding international market, by self-owned brand as well as cooperate with local agents, Kingsun enters into Southeast Asian market such as Korea, Thailand, Japan, etc. Meanwhile, maintaining developed economies market shares, reinforce developing emerging markets such as Africa.


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