Kingsun Ranked First in Ten Lighting Brands of 2013 GG-Golden Ball Award

On Nov 26th, the results of GG-Golden Ball Award Ten Lighting Brands released, Kingsun was selected in ten lighting brands of project channel, ranked first. The event includes China ten led lighting brands of circulation channel and ten LED brands selection of project channel, aiming to reconstruct LED era lighting brands new strength through interaction between enterprises and channels. Meanwhile, to recommend credibility LED lighting brands by establishing LED industry benchmark.

After half year, through offline recommend, online vote and scene canvassing, ten enterprises were selected for circulation channel LED lighting brands finally, among which six enterprises were selected for project channel lighting brands,  Kingsun ranked firstly.

With national encouragement of upgrade industrials and energy-conservation and emission-reduction, LED lighting market occupies great advantages. Kingsun focused on LED application R&D and self-dependent innovation, standing out for its leading energy saving products, technology, quality and service. Related officials expressed, Kingsun will continue to strengthen construction of circulation channel to speed up domestic market layout.


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