Advertising LED display

Full color outdoor LED display

Kingsun Outdoor Advertising LED display:
Designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and to astound audiences and make them enjoy flickering-free live videos in sharp and brilliant images. Kingsun Outdoor display solutions present the exceptional performance in crowded outdoor settings where are clearly visible, even the most complex advertising images and logos are precisely rendered.
1. With latest mask design, there’s no reflection from LED light, thus ensuring LED screen displaying effect.
2. The cabinet adopts pyrolytic coating technology, improve its antirust capacity.
3. The level up degree of our screen is strictly controlled within±0.2mm, the whole screen enjoys a good level up degree.
4. Kingsun LED display has perfect color uniformity.
5. The PCBs are processed by three proofings standard, prolong the screen life time.
6. The service efficiency of switching mode power supply gets increased sharply, thus reducing power failure.
7. Front sides of modules are sealed by superior casting glue, the rear sides are equipped with waterproof rubber ring, making LED screen fully waterproof.
8. Totally waterproof, IP65, high brightness, can work all the day and meet the demands of working in different outdoor environment.
Application: Government Square, Culture square, shopping plaza, entertainment square, business center, advertising billboard, commercial street, railway station, schoolyard ,airport, bus station, bus terminal ,bank etc.
Technical Data Sheet
Specification PH10 PH12 PH16 PH20 PH25
Model KS-W10F KS-W12F KS-W16F KS-W20F KS-W25F
Pixel Pitch 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm
Pixel Resolution         dots/㎡ 10000 dots 6944 dots 3906 dots 2500 dots 1600 dots
Pixel Composing 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Module Size(W*H)   mm 160*160 192*192 256*128 320*160 400*200
Module Resolution     dots*dots 16*16 16*16 16*8 16*16 16*8
Cabinet Dimension(W*H) mm 1280*960 768*768 1204*768 1280*960 1200*800
Cabinet Resolution    dots*dots 128*96 64*64 64*48 64*48 48*32
Weight 60kg/㎡ 60kg/㎡ 60kg/㎡ 55kg/㎡ 55kg/㎡
Best Viewing Angle 6~200m 9~250m 12~250m 18~300m 23~300m
Horizontal Viewing Angle  120° 120° 120° 120° 120°
Vertical Viewing Angle 60° 60° 60° 60° 60°
Average  Consumption W/㎡ 300 280 320 300 300
Max Power ConsumptionW/㎡ ≤700 ≤700 ≤800 ≤700 ≤700
Graphic card DVI DVI DVI DVI DVI
Control Method  
LED Driver  
Scan mode 1/4 scan 1/4 scan static static static
Frame Changing Frequency ≥60Hz ≥60Hz ≥60Hz ≥60Hz ≥60Hz
Refresh Rate ≥300Hz ≥300Hz ≥300Hz ≥300Hz ≥300Hz
Brightness     cd/㎡ ≥8000cd/㎡ ≥7500cd/㎡ ≥8000cd/㎡ ≥7000cd/㎡ ≥6500cd/㎡
Ingress Protection    
Operation Temperature  
Operation Humidity   
Input Voltage  
Gray Scale  
Brightness Adjustment  
Operating Platform  
Support Mode  
Control System  
Life Time  
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