Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED Street Light in China

Kingsun Solar LED Street Light Project in Shandong, China at Sep. 2008

This project is built by our client in Shangdong. After we check with our client, we have confirm that Shangdong have 5 hours Sunshine Factor(Sunshine Factor mean the hours which Solar Panel can get the energy from sun) and the LED Street Light need to lighting on 10 hours per day. This is a new project, so we suggest our client to putting our Kingsun Soalr-Wind LED Street Light KS-E036TX System on 6 meters pole and 20 meters apart. We totally built 652 pcs for this 16 kilometers project.

The Solar LED Street Lights using in this Project:

Kingsun Solar LED Street Light KS-E036TX cost 36 W and can create 3240 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please Solar LED Street Light

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