Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED Street Light in Nertherlands

Kingsun Solar&wind LED Street Light Project in Nertherlands, on April,2009

Located in the main road of Rijssen of Nertherlands, and the time of completion is on April,2009, mounting height of 8 meters ,20 sets of solar & wind LED street light system were completed by kingsun, including 96W led solar street lamps, 200W solar panel, 400W wind generator,200 AH battery and other accessories.Meanwhile, 20A/24 V controlling system is suggested. This system can ensure 10 hours working time per day, and 3-4 days constant working time in rainy days. Because of its good quality and operation, customers said that they were very satisfied with the excellent performance of kingsun lighting products, and especially comparing with HPS, the uniformity and lux level were obviously impressive. Thus,they were very confident to win the coming biding.

Compared with traditional HPS lamps, kingsun LED solar&wind street light system has the following advantages including intelligent control for the whole system,automatic charge and discharge, over-charge and over-load protection,energy saving, environmentally friendly, long lifespan, easy installation and free maintenance. And we are very confident that more and more customers will be interested in it, and will choose kingsun because of its profession,rich experience, leading position in LED industry.

The Solar LED Street Lights using in this Project:

KS-A108TX cost 108 W and can create 9720 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please Solar LED Street Light Solar LED Street Light

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Solar LED Street Light Project

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