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Slimtwin Batten

Slimtwin Batten
Slimtwin LED Batten series LED Luminaire has up to 145 ° light distribution, high brightness, seamless connection , easy installation, long service life, instant response, no flicking, and also work with the infrared sensor; It is a new type of multifunctional ¬fixture, suitable for underground parking, supermarkets, factories and other indoor places to use.
●Light and slim body design, flexible installation, can be adapted to existing interior design.
●With connectors on double end, can cascade up to 8 luminaires.
●Bat-wing light distribution, with larger beam angle.
●Optional infrared sensor, more energy saving, environmental protection, and is very suitable for underground parking
●Integration structure with a full set of installation accessories makes installation easier.

Slimtwin Batten
Slimtwin Batten

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