(2012-12-29)LED lighting has Gone Through the Winter, Market Prospect Still be Expected

led lighting will witness a market outbreak period after "winter". With policy support and market cultivation, energy saving lamp replaced incandescent lamp and has been the main stream in lighting industry. Lighting industry has fully embraced the "energy-saving lamp generation", which means the energy saving lighting industry is becoming mature and growing steadily. Specifically, as the next generation lighting product, LED lighting is developing rapidly. Insiders analyzes that LED lighting market has a great potential after the market integration.

It's known that the total value of LED industry will reach 205.9 billion by the end of the year. The number of billions enterprises in the whole industry chain rose from 220 to 300 but the entire industry polarization is serious. While some enterprises have 200% growth, others are experiencing the brink of elimination. Moreover, the situation of industry oversupply is intensifying. This predicts that phenomenon such as shut down, assets reorganization, merger and joint, new projects launched will occur in the near future.

In scale expansion, all eyes in LED industry has turned to new channels. As a very good channel, E-commerce will be an opportunity to apply the cooperation of on-line and off-line if it is controlled well.Threshold for energy-saving lamp industry has improved. Due to limit on funds and technical strength, some small businesses will be difficult to timely complete the conversion process from the liquid mercury to solid mercury. In future, the fluorescent lamp production and orders will concentrate on large factories which have relatively mature technology, and industry concentration ratio is expected to increase.


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