(2012-09-14)Kingsun installed LED display in South Beauty Restaurant

Kingsun recently installed an LED display in the banquet hall of South Beauty Restaurant newly opened in Jinan, contributing great dynamic charm to the dining environment with its LED display.

South Beauty is one of the largest-scale dining management groups continuing to hold some of the greatest development potential in China, and plays a leading role in the spread of Chinese culinary culture around the world. This newly opened branch in Jinan, Shandong has an area of over 3,000 square meters and is the second largest branch all over China.

Winning the bidding out of a number of LED display manufacturers, Kingsun provides South Beauty a series of service including marketing research, design, LED display product picking, installation and adjustment to assure a best art effect. Considering the restaurant orientates in high-level commercial or political banquet or family gathering, Kingsun combines South Beauty’s pursuit of detailed service and consumer’s visual habits, which leads to a perfect integration of the LED display and lighting in the hall and produces an elegant atmosphere

LED display

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