Kingsun supports poor villages in Mezhou with LED street lights

On Nov.2rd, an allied operation of LED street light construction in poor village has been held in “The Forum for led lighting Products Promotion” in “The Week of International Scientific and Technological Cooperation”. More than 100 poor villages, well-known social organizations and led enterprises have signed the agreement of village development supporting. Kingsun has participated in this action actively, and will donate 1000 pcs LED Street Lights to the first 21 model villages to promote the LEDs in country road lighting.

In the signing ceremony, the poverty alleviation representatives of 100 poor villages in Meizhou, signed the supporting agreement with Guangzhou charity, Kingsun, etc. and raised 6 million yuan to the villages in which Kingsun will donate the first 21 model villages with LED lights.

“We hope that the children in the villages will not come back to their house without lights at night, the villagers will not fall over in the evening, the person who drives agricultural vehicle and motorcycle will not fall into the valley…” the sponsor said. It is more convenient for villagers going out with this lighting plan, and may enhance the transportation safety, society security and the life quality.

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