Kingsun LED lamps lights up the Great Hall of the People

Recently, the led indoor lighting replacement completed by Kingsun in the Great Hall of the People passed evaluation successfully. This led indoor lighting project is promoted by NDRC as”Energy –saving and Emissions-reduction“ demonstration project, which is significant to the development of domestic LED industry.

 Due to the particularity of the Hall, it has strictly demands on security, stability, color rendering, etc. Kingsun stands out with their excellent product, advanced technology and good brand reputation. With the support of the Great Hall of the People’s Authority and team cooperation, the project successfully completed, and engineering quality meets national standards and related technical standards.

 In the project, Kingsun used 210W、110W、60W LED lights to replace previous 1000W、500W、300W incandescent lamps. After replacement, the average illumination is as twice as before and will save electricity more than 75%. Meanwhile, it reduces radiation heat 300KW and save air conditioning power indirectly.

 Furthermore, Kingsun completed led lighting source replacement project of the Great Hall of the People areas ” Seven rooms one hall”, also donated LED tubes, LED downlights, LED petals lights of more than 30000 lamps to the Hall for free.

 Kingsun LED Lights have been widely recognized with its stability and reliability. Kingsun’s applying LED indoor technological innovation achievements to the Great Hall of the People shows its strong comprehensive strength. In the future, Kingsun will integrate resources and promote the application of LED lights, and it will contribute to LED industry development and energy –saving and emission-reduction.

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