(2009-1-15)Kingsun LED Street Light Project Intallation in Beijing.

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Kingsun LED Tunnel Light retrofit project in Guangshao Express, gained acceptance recently, showing the led lighting techonlogy was accept by the governent step by step, and Kingsun had already stood in the leading team in the LED lighting field.

The Guangshao Express was built in 2001. Restricted by poor technology at that time, the traditional HPS were the only choice for the tunnel illumination. This dim and yellow light became a hidden killer for the driver. Fortunately, LED lighting and LED street light technology has rapidly developed and become more and more influential due to its remarkable energy-saving in recent years. Meanwhile, relative policies have been issued to promote the LED light and LED Street Light application by Guangdong Government.

In early 2008, the LED Tunnel Light retrofit project in Guangshao Express was formally launched, and Kingsun won the bidding. 367 pieces of Kingsun LED Tunnel Light were installed in the 800-meter tunnel in 3 months.

On Jan 4th, 2009, the project received inspection and acceptance by Guangshao Express Operation Center. The test results showed the advantage of Kingsun LED Tunnel Light, more clearer and brighter than HPS, was much superior to expected design requirement.

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