(2012-01-10)Incandescent Lamp Eliminated Determinately, Kingsun Usher in Favorable News

In 4th, November, press conference was held jointly by many departments including National Development and Reform Commission, announced the incandescent lamp phase-out roadmap. It is stipulated that import and sales of general lighting incandescent lamps with rated power of 100w or more than 100w will be prohibited since 1st October, 2012, and within 5 years, that is, up to1st October, 2016, general incandescent lamp will be withdrawn from the market permanently. Relative officials disclosed that governments will support LED lamps’ production and promotion greatly while eliminating incandescent lamps.

Guangdong, as LED industry province, also ushers in favorable situation. According to relative leaders from S&T Department of Guangdong Province, Guangdong led industry scale will reach 120 billion RMB in 2012, meanwhile, cultivate more than 20 enterprises with production value of more than 1 billion RMB. Till 2015, the industry scale will make a breakthrough with 300 billion RMB. It was reported by CCTV that Kingsun, under this favorable situation, had successfully completed Shenzhen 120KM Highway led lighting Project, which is the first large-scale LED street lamp application highway in china.

Upon the release of the incandescent lamp phase-out roadmap, recent disk indicated that led sector showed strong performance, some led stocks even went up 40% over the past week. LED blocks may become the first choice for investors in the near future. According to industry insiders’ analysis, under the expected background of chip price drops, application field should become optimized choice, Kingsun, as the most competitive producer in domestic led semiconductor lighting application field, is suggested to pay more concentration on it after going public.

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