(2012-09-01)Kingsun Winning the bid of Financial Subsidy Promotion Project for LED product

The tender results of 2012/2013 Financial Subsidiary Promotion Project for LED product come to public recently. 9 LED lighting products winning the tender in 4 projects including LED street light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Down Light and reflection-type self-balanced LED bulb.

The LED lights from Kingsun winning the bidder includes LED street light RL2R1070, RL2R1112, LED tunnel light TL2R2803 and TL2R2805 as LED outdoor lighting products and LED down light DL1C1007, DL1C1005, DL1C1024, LED bulb PAR30(Sp3007) and PAR38(SP3812) as led indoor lighting products.

This tender aims in encouraging the application of led lighting products and promoting green lighting and energy saving project. The subsidy shall be allocated to bidding winner by Financial Dept, then the enterprises shall decrease the amount allocated from product prices from tender agreement, where the end users shall be the final beneficiaries.

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