(2008-01-14)Kingsun High Power LED Street Light Win Title of Guangdong Energy Saving Approved Product

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Kingsun had pass the LED Light and LED street light products to Guangdong Energy Center at Jul. 2007. After several month testing, Kingsun got the title of Guangdong Energy Saving Approved Product brand. All these further enriched the connotation of green, energy saving, environmentally friendly for Kingsun products.

The New LED Street Light which design by Tsinghua University has got a national leading position on Luminous Efficiency and Optics System.. Compared with the led lighting and the HPS Light, the LED light and LED Street Light can save energy 60%. Base calculation, if the new LED Street Lights with high efficiency installed in all the streets in China, it will save 42 billion KWH power, which equals saving 15.8 million tons coal. Now Kingsun have already install many projects such as Shenzhen LED Street Light project, Xiamen Solar LED Street Light project, Foshan LED Tunnel Light project, etc.

Now, Chinese government is inspecting to promote the work of energy saving and emission decreasing. In 2007, Guangdong State Council issued Notice On Establishing Government Compulsory Purchase for Energy Saving Products. For the Guangdong Energy Saving Approved Products Title not only means affirmation from national authority but also a successful breakthrough in setting up brand image by S&T innovation.

In the near future, Kingsun will gradually become a young pioneer in the LED Light and LED street lighting field.

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