LED Indoor Lighting

Shopping Center--LED Tube Light/LED Panel light/LED Down Light/LED Spotlight

Shopping centers rely on bright, high-quality lighting to highlight merchandise and attract customers into stores. Therefore, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LED tube light are often considered in design, as these lamps can help indicate customers the quality of products inside, the price point and the type of service they can expect (Lane, 2007).

Window displays and display case require high brightness levels to distinguish products from the background. Empirical research on consumer behavior in retail environments shows that consumers are more likely to examine and handle merchandise under bright lighting than under soft lighting (summers, et. Al 2001).

As a result, lighting is the biggest energy-related expense for retailers at 37% of annual energy expenditures, not including the added space cooling costs associated with the heat loads from lighting (DOE, 2006b). Energy-efficient lighting can boost the bottom line for retailers, since "saving $1 in energy costs can improve profits as much as increasing sales by$80"(Vrabel, 2003).

LED retail display lighting is beneficial in several respects: LEDs' small size allows them to be integrated unobtrusively into display cases; LED directionality allows precise targeting of products to be illuminated; LEDs do not damage heat or UV-sensitive merchandize, and, for products like jewelry and crystal, the multiple diodes of theLED lamp lead to more reflections and increased sparkle.

LED refrigerated display case lighting is a promising niche application because LEDs perform better in cold temperatures compared to room temperature, and they can provide more uniform lighting of the display area than the incumbent fluorescent lamp systems, due to the direction light output of LEDs.

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Relevant products: LED Tube Light; LED Down Light

LED Down Light

Relevant products:LED Tube Light

LED Tube Light

Relevant products:LED Tube Light

LED Tube Light

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